Webeki.com – powerful WordPress plugins

Webeki.com was established as a source of professional WordPress plug-ins developed to increase website revenues.

The plug-ins were developed based on our requirements to increase traffic and revenues from our WP blogs without being intrusive, to unleash WordPress functionality and allow us to create professional websites beyond our imagination.

All plug-ins are now available to the world, so that all webmasters and WordPress users can use them. WordPress plugins are released as Free and Pro versions (Pro version offers many more powerful features).

We have a series of free and premium WordPress extensions (plugins and templates) that you can use to improve your revenues or add amazing features to your blog.

soccer widgetsSoccer Widgets plugin – the SoccerWidgets plugin allows users to implement soccer widgets using shortcodes. It give you access to competition rankings, football results for latest matches played in each competition or team profiles and statistics. The data is provided freely by SoccerStats247.com. Check the Soccer Widgets details for full features!


adshareAdShare plugin – the AdSearch plugin implements easily AdSense ads in blog posts. Up to 3 ads per posts to comply with Google AdSense terms of use. The plugin allows to share the AdSense revenues with referrers, encouraging therefore other webmasters to link to you (which in the end will result in improving your search engine rankings and traffic). Check the AdShare details for full features!


adsearchAdSearch plugin – the AdSearch plugin implements the Google Search box in your blog posts. The plugin reads keywords used in searches and pre-fills the Google Search box on your webpages with those keywords. In case users did not found what they were looking for, they can search for more results using your search box, tagged with your Google ID to generate AdSense revenues from bounces. Check the AdSearch details for full features!