adshareImprove your AdSense revenues and encourage other webmasters to promote your blog by sharing your AdSense space with them. The AdShare plugin for WordPress allows any WP blog owner to run an affiliate program that pays AdSense commissions to webmasters referring traffic to you.


  • supports your link building strategies by encouraging all other websites to place links to your blog posts
  • improves search engine rankings through the multitude of links you gather
  • increases traffic to your blog from both website referrers and search engines
  • improves AdSense revenues by controlling the ad spaces and positions
  • forces Google spider to scan and index your pages in order to show relevant ads on your website

How does it work? Download the AdShare plugin (Free version or Pro version for more powerfull features), install it to your WordPress blog and activate it. Once you make all plugin settings to your requirements, create a page (Webmasters or Affiliates) encouraging other webmasters to place links to your blog posts. The links are your standard blog links with a variable added to the end (the referrer’s AdSense pub ID). Whenever someone visits your blog from such links, the plugin recognizes the AdSense pub ID in order to show the referrer’s AdSense ads. This way, any click on ads from such referred visitors will result in AdSense commissions to the referrer – this is a win-win situation as other webmasters can monetize their traffic sent to your content, and you get valuable backlinks and visitors that you can use them as leads for other products.


  • easily add AdSense advertising on all your blog posts
  • maximum number of 3 ads implemented in each post to comply with AdSense policies
  • control the position and size for each ad in your blog posts
  • implements the ad-sharing option to encourage other website owners to link to you and controls the pub IDs to show the relevant referrer’s ads
  • show AdSense ads to all visitors or only to visitors referred by promoters


Features FREE PRO
AdSense ad-sharing implementation

Your AdSense PubID implementation
Maximum number of AdSense spots / post 1 3
Ad sizes available for post implementation 5 24
Ad positions available for post implementation first paragraph in each post anywhere in the posts
Referrer cookie period available settings 365 days 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 180 / 360 days
AdSense Text and Background color customization
AdSense available all time (with owner ID when no cookie present)
AdSense available only when referrer cookie present
Use on number of websites unlimited unlimited
Copyright - Creative Commons License

Free Version: limited options

coming soon

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