adsearchImprove your search engine rankings and grow your revenues from traffic bounces from your blog. The AdSearch plugin for WordPress allows any WP blog owner to generate revenues from traffic bounces and use them to improve search engine rankings.


  • generate revenues from traffic bounces from your blog
  • improve your Google rankings by sending bounces as new searches

How does it work? Download the AdSearch plugin (Free version or Pro version for more powerful features), install it to your WordPress blog and activate it. Once you make all plugin settings to your requirements, you are ready to start. The plugin ads Google Search boxes to your blog posts and logs the keywords used by your visitors coming from Google search engine. When the visitor is on your blog, the search boxes are populated with the logged keywords and in case the visitor does not find what he was looking for, he’s encouraged to click on the Search button to get back to Google for more relevant results. This can generate revenues as the search is created through your AdSense pub ID, and any click on ads in Google search results will generate commissions to your AdSense account. By encouraging the visitor not to click back (to get back to Google search), but to click on Search button within your blog, you create a new search and Google will not penalize your rankings, but it may improve them. It is known that Google calculates rankings based on many factors: your page bounces is one of them. If a visitor gets to your blog using specific keywords and then he hits back (because he did not find what he was looking for – it happens to all of us), Google will interpret that as you do not offer the appropriate information on that page for those keywords. Now for one single case, it may not result in problems with rankings, but if this happens with several visitors over a period for those keywords, Google will move your blog down and try to push other results that may be found relevant.


  • easily add Google Search boxes to your blog posts
  • control the position for each search box in your blog posts
  • implements your AdSense ID to Google Search boxes in order to get paid for clicks on ads within Google search results
  • pre-fills the search boxes with keywords used by visitors to get to your posts from search engines


Features Free Pro
Google Search boxes implementation

Your AdSense PubID implementation
Pre-fill keywords based on visitor’ searches
Maximum number of Search boxes / post 1 3
Send searches to Google domain just all Google local domains
Encoding options 3 28
Search Box positions end of posts anywhere in the posts
Search box Text and Background customization
Search box predefined Text for search
Use on number of websites unlimited unlimited
Copyright - Creative Commons License

Free Version: limited options

 coming soon

Google and Google Search are trade marks of Google Inc. Please refer to Google for more details about the use of their trademarks. Please note that searches referred over secure protocols (https links) are impossible to be read, therefore the plugin will not pre-fill keywords.